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As long as you can provide a valid picture ID and a current or expired registration we should be able to take your car. In case that you have lost your title or registration call Junk A Car (619)505-2003 for further assistance.

We do not charge for towing if we purchase your car. We offer vehicle pickup throughout San Diego County call our office to sell your car or request a quote online. Call Junk A Car and get cash for your car (619)505-2003

Every car is worth something different. Call (619)505-2003 and find out what is worth. You can also request a cash offer online Click Here

Do you have an abandoned vehicle on your property, is it taking up space and making your yard look cluttered? We can help you, we take abandoned cars without titles and dispose of them for you. (619)505-2003

You will get cash on the spot after paperwork is all done. Call (619)505-2003 Or get a cash for online. Click Here

You may remove them and turn them in to your local DMV office.

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Junk A Car San Diego offers cash for cars based on information provided by seller. Every vehicle is worth something different.

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