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Are you interested in selling your car in San Diego? At Junk A Car we buy used cars, minivans, SUVs, crossovers and more. We take all vehicles, whether accident damaged or just not wanted any more. It’s a hassle-free solution, so let us know the details of your San Diego car and we will pay you cash and take it away, with our free cash for cars towing service.

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GET MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR OLD VEHICLE! Are you looking to get rid of that old, rusty, piece of junk that doesn’t work? Is your car more burden than a life saver? Does it leave you in point A, struggling to get to point B? Well search no more because we are the solution to your problem, JUNK A CAR is the solution!

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We give you cash for your cars of any year, make, model, condition, running or not. Call us now for a free quote! Every car and every owner, are different, so why not pick the difference? JUNK A CAR, making your car allocation easy.


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Most frequent questions and answers

As long as you can provide a valid picture ID and a current or expired registration we should be able to take your car. In case that you have lost your title or registration call (619)505-2003 for further assistance

We do not charge for towing if we purchase your car. We offer vehicle pickup throughout San Diego County call our office to sell your car or request a quote online. (619)505-2003

Every car is worth something different. Call (619)505-2003 and find out what is worth. You can also request a cash offer online Click Here

Do you have an abandoned vehicle on your property, is it taking up space and making your yard look cluttered? We can help you, we take abandoned cars without titles and dispose of them for you. (619)505-2003

It all began with a one man mom and pop towing service company. So hear we go, after towing a lot of cars  for customers we would get asked if their was any chance we could store the car for a few days. Meany came back, but others just ended up being abandon. So we then offered customers the option to junk a car in exchange for cash and a free towing on the spot. As time past by some customers started calling us back days or weeks after, asking about getting money for vehicles.